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Skyttegade 5, 2200 københavn n

Asian restaurant at Nørrebro

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On diverse and beloved Nørrebro, you find Maobao. Here we serve up Asian specialities - family style. Existing as a permanent evening concept of the popular brunch spot Sidecar. Come by with friends and family for a different dining experience in cosy surroundings at the restaurant, Noerrebro.

Restaurant Nørrebro

Bao, dumpling or wontons?

The menu is centered around Asian cuisine – From Taiwan to Korea, yes you’ll even find a bit of Noerrebro on the menu. The food is served family-style with shareable dishes such as dumplings or wontons. In that way, the whole table gets the chance to try a wide selection of the menu. When visiting our restaurant at Noerrebro, you’ll receive a small piece of paper. Here you and the rest of the table can x out the dishes of your choice. Everything is served at once. Are you more hungry after the first serving? Then you’re always welcome to order more. The almost chalk white and steamed bun is the centerpiece. The airy bao beautifully embraces the colorful vegetables and marinated meat. We fill our bao with everything we love. Try, for example, the popular Hong Kong pulled pork with pickled cucumbers or the Fried Chicken with kewpie mayo. Besides, the flavorful bao you’ll also find dumplings, wontons and much more on the menu.

Get a taste of Asia

Are you having a hard time choosing between the dishes? Try our seven serving kitchens choice menu. For parties of more than five, this option is mandatory. Everything you find on the menu is homemade and consists of the best ingredients. Like many other restaurants in Noerrebro and the rest of Copenhagen, we offer vegan, vegetarian and pescetarian options as well.  In the bar, you will find Sidecar providing the most delicious cocktails.

We offer a large selection of cocktails, beer, wine and other beverages, all accompanying the sweet, the salty and the spicy in the Asian dishes. We promise you a festive evening when visiting our restaurant Noerrebro. Not ready for the party to end after leaving the restaurant at Noerrebro? Don’t worry; there are lots of places to visit at the nearby Rantzausgade or Jægersborggade. Here you’ll find bars for all occasions. 

Restaurant Nørrebro

See you at Maobao

Did we make you hungry and are you ready to explore our interpretation of Asian cuisine? Reserve your table now and let us take care of the rest. Are you suddenly feeling bao-hungry and are you in the area, then you are more than welcome to swing by our restaurant at Noerrebro. The kitchen is open Tuesday – Sunday from 5.30 PM to 9.30 PM while the bar is open from 5 PM until 00.30 AM. Are you planning on throwing your next party at Maobao? No problem – in our restaurant at Noerrebro you find the cosiest banqueting room. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we share everything from appetizing inspiration to snapshots from our restaurant, Noerrebro. 

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